August 30, 2018 · 6:11 pm

What’s the Future of A.I.? Sensai CEO Angel Gambino Offers Insights at VentureBeat Transform Conference

The applications for artificial intelligence are endless

By Kelly Johnson

Sensai’s CEO Angel Gambino took the stage at VentureBeat’s Transform Conference to discuss how artificial intelligence (A.I.) is improving the way many businesses deliver experiences to their customers.

Angel was joined on stage by Ashu Garg, General Partner at Foundation Capital; Jasjeet Thind, Vice President of artificial intelligence at Zillow Group; and Matthew Sadofsky, Director of Growth Marketing at Tilting Point.

The panelists discussed how businesses use AI today, and how the technology can be applied throughout an organization in the future.

Sensai CEO Angel Gambino Discussing the Future of AI at VB Transform

One of the more interesting examples of how A.I. is used is from TGI Friday’s. Today, the fast-casual dining chain uses A.I. to understand the ordering habits and drink preferences of their customers. The result: They’re able to create unique and personalized cocktails for their patrons.

Additionally, Angel discussed how organizations and their employees don’t have to fear A.I.  Many people are concerned that their jobs will be replaced by the technology, which is always a valid concern. However, A.I. can help train and retain a workforce, which ultimately improves the customer experience.

There were more valuable insights from the conference and Angel gave her complete thoughts on Transform and practical applications of A.I. on her blog.  Take a look.