April 25, 2018 · 4:55 pm

Wednesday Wisdom: Use Relevant Hashtags on Twitter to Expand Your Reach

It's important to use hashtags and correctly.

By Kelly Johnson

Hashtags are everywhere. They’ve become so pervasive that people are using them, in context, in casual verbal conversation.

However, when it comes to using hashtags on Twitter, a lot of users are not using them correctly.

You’ll see many people load as many hashtags as they can in one single tweet. Don’t fall into this trap: If you’re not using hashtags properly on Twitter, you’re missing an opportunity to increase engagement and broaden your reach to the right audience.

Use one to two, relevant hashtags in your tweets — any more than two, especially if they’re not relevant, and you risk having your tweet lost in a crowd of irrelevant messages.

If you’re still unsure of how to use hashtags on Twitter, here’s a quick list of do’s and don’ts to follow.

Do Use Tools to Help You Find the Right Hashtags

Do your research before you use a hashtag. You can use tools such as Hashtagify or Hashtags.org to research the popularity of hashtags and to see if they offer any suggestions for alternative, relevant hashtags you can use that will drive discovery and engagement.

Additionally, you can use Sensai’s professional-tier service to get notifications about relevant hashtags. Sensai scans your social profile and will send you recommended hashtags to use in your social messages.

Don’t Use the Kitchen Sink Approach

As we stated earlier, a lot of people use everything but the kitchen sink when it comes to using hashtags. In fact, some people use as many as 10 hashtags in their tweets.

Use relevant hashtags sparingly on Twitter — one to two — to ensure you’re engaging the right audience.

Do Tie Your Hashtag to a Marketing Campaign

To drive more awareness for any of your upcoming events, create a hashtag that you can use in a marketing campaign. The hashtag can be used in direct mail, email or any advertising you may use to drive discovery for the event.


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