May 23, 2018 · 5:00 pm

Wednesday Wisdom: Use Images to Effectively Promote Your Business on Twitter

Instagram isn't the only social networks that values great photos.

By Kelly Johnson

Here’s a quick tip for businesses: Instagram is not the only social network that’s effective for posting photos of your business. Twitter can be just as effective for sharing photos that drive engagement and create new customers, too.

In fact, you can upload up to four images on Twitter. And, tweets including photos or GIFs have proven to be more attention-grabbing and receive more engagement than only-text Tweets. According to published reports, Tweets with images receive 89 percent more likes and 150 percent more retweets than Tweets without images.

Creating good Twitter content is simple. You just need the right tools and to follow these quick tips.

Upload Multiple Photos and Content Directly to Twitter

It’s important to upload good, multiple photos or videos of your business in order for your Tweets to get more visibility and engagement. If possible, upload content directly to the network from the image library on your phone, desktop, or use a scheduling tool such as Sensai.

The reason: Each social network values native content over posts from other social channels. What’s more, when you share from other social networks — such as Instagram —  viewers will need to double click to see the image — not a great experience. Look at the example below.

Tweet Compelling, Bold Images of Your Business

When selecting photos to post on Twitter, use compelling images of your business. If you’re not artistically inclined, use tools like Canva that let you upload and easily edit your photos for free or for little cost.

Also, try to use bold colors for your Twitter photos. If photos are colorful and bright they’ll be more shareable.

Use an editing app such as VSCO, especially if you take photos with your phone and check out the music company These Days feed for some inspiration about visuals.

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