April 11, 2018 · 8:02 pm

Wednesday Wisdom: Update Your Facebook Cover Image to Increase Engagement by 230%

Your cover photo is a great opportunity to immediately engage fans.

By Kelly Johnson

Your Facebook cover image is an introduction to your personality, your passion, and your brand. So, why would you go years without updating it?

Updating images — including your cover image and others on your page — could lead to 2.3 times more engagement, according to published reports.

What’s more, Facebook recently added new stock photos — and the ability to add videos as a cover image — to give your profile a more dynamic and engaging look.

Even though the stock images are appealing, Sensai recommends that you upload a video or cover image that’s personalized, relevant and engaging for your audience.

Take a look at three examples of great cover images.

Aleksandra Karpowicz’s cover image features compelling photos and text that spurs visitors to learn more about her and her photography.

Sief’s Home image is a departure from typical cover photos. The three-column look allows her to immediately show more of her interior designs.

In the last example, Danny Gokey  — a popular Christian singer —  added a clip of his latest music video to his cover image.

How to Update Your Cover Image

Updating your cover image is simple. On a desktop, hover over the camera icon in the top, left-hand corner of the cover image and a drop-down menu will appear.

You’ll have the choice of uploading a photo, selecting cover artwork, or uploading a video.


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