July 25, 2018 · 6:32 pm

Wednesday Wisdom: Four Little-known Tips to Create the Perfect Boomerang

Boomerang is a perfect tool for reviving your profile.

By Valentina Mezzasalma

Posting the same old content every day can get boring — and repetitive content gets easily overlooked by your community. Who can blame them for passing your content up? Your audience doesn’t want to see the same thing over and over again any more than you do.

There are several features available on Facebook and Instagram that can help you dial up your content strategy, but one of the most effective features is Boomerang — the video looping tool.

Boomerang still represents a great way to make your content stand out by spicing up old selfie videos and adding some variety to your posts.

So don’t neglect this classic tool. Follow our tips (including one you may not have known about) to create the perfect Boomerang and post unique content for your customers, fans, and followers.

1. Make Sure the Start and Stop Points End in Different Places

This is a very common mistake. Most users don’t remember that the best part of Boomerang is showing off movement and seeing the same move backward. Remember that Boomerang videos are not GIFs and they automatically loop to make it seem your as if your subject is in constant motion. So make sure the starting and stopping points end in different places.

2. Unlock Secret Settings

As you probably know, Boomerang is “integrated” in Instagram and Facebook. However, we suggest downloading the Boomerang app to have access to the secret settings.

To unlock the Boomerang secret setting tap quickly four times on the screen with four fingers — trust us it works. Try more times to find the right speed. Once the settings appear, you can play with the resolution, frame count, capture frame rate and loop mode.

3. Steady Your Phone

This seems obvious, but hear us out: When filming a Boomerang people tend to “follow” the movement they want to catch with the camera. Don’t do that. A moving or shaky camera will detract from the main subject creating a chaotic, possibly nauseating, experience.

Keep your camera still. You can steady your phone by positioning it on a stable surface or using a tripod.

4. Keep it Simple

Boomerang is perfect for capturing big sweeping motions, like water splashing or explosions. But sometimes people tend to capture something far too complicated. Simple, daily movements look very cool on Boomerang.

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