June 6, 2018 · 8:15 pm

Wednesday Wisdom: Engage in Comments to Transform Your Fans into Evangelists

Don't leave comments unanswered. Drive confidence in your brand by engaging with your audience in comments.

By Kelly Johnson

It’s one of the cardinal sins of social media marketing, but even some professional social media managers do it: They leave comments unanswered on their social channels.

This is a huge mistake. Responding to customers or fans is a must.

A recent report found that 42 percent of customers expect a reply to a comment made on social channels in 60 minutes.

And, the longer a comment languishes, the more damage it does to a business’s credibility and trustworthiness.

In order to maintain the loyalty and trust of your audience, here are a couple of tips for responding to fans on social channels.

Offer Helpful Tips in Answers and Follow up

In most cases, your fans are looking for answers to questions about your product, page or service. Try to answer the questions as soon as you can and provide clarity in your response. After you’ve responded, follow up with your fan to see if they have any further questions.

Say Thank You!

Always respond to complimentary comments. By responding to a positive comment, you’ll not only drive engagement with an existing commenter, but you may also acquire new a fan who sees that you’re actively engaging with your social following.

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