May 9, 2018 · 1:40 pm

Wednesday Wisdom: Create a Fun,Interesting YouTube Trailer to Attract More Subscribers

We offer a few quick tips for optimizing your YouTube channel.

By Kelly Johnson

One of the first things your YouTube viewers see when they come to your channel is your trailer.

The YouTube trailer — similar to what you see for feature films — is a preview of what your YouTube channel is about.

Creating a good trailer is your opportunity to turn people who would casually watch your content into loyal subscribers. Additionally, the trailer sets your channel apart from others because many creators don’t normally have one.

Here are a couple of helpful tips to make an awesome first impression with your channel trailer.

Be Unique and Ask Viewers to Subscribe

Create a funny/interesting video with a thorough description. Assume that viewers have never heard of you. Introduce yourself, show your personality, and ask viewers to subscribe to your channel.

Keep Your Trailer Short (1 minute or Less)

Explain what your channel is about and what your viewers should expect from your future videos with a few sentences or some short video clips. 

Here are two examples of great YouTube channel trailers.


SoulPancake —  a YouTube creator that makes inspiring content — shot this 50-second video where they show what the channel is about and they ask viewers to subscribe at the end. In the description, they announce that they’ll upload videos weekly so that viewers know what to expect from the channel.


Many creators choose to pull together video clips with music, but a voiceover can also be a winning strategy. For instance, vocalist and make-up vlogger, Brittany J. Smith, created this simple and friendly trailer to explain to her new visitors why they should subscribe to her channel.

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