April 18, 2018 · 6:10 pm

Wednesday Wisdom: YouTube Playlists to Increase Watch Time and Improve Discoverability

Read our tips for creating curated content that will attract new subscribers to your YouTube channel.

By Kelly Johnson

Spending time and money on a video that isn’t seen by your YouTube audience sucks. But before you throw in the towel, take another look at your YouTube strategy — the problem may lie with your playlists (or lack thereof).

Creating a curated playlist can help improve your watch time and discoverability on YouTube. Playlists help users easily find your content and keeps them on your page.

Additionally, an increase in watch time will prompt YouTube to promote your channel or content through recommended videos.

How to Create a YouTube Playlist That Will Keep People on Your Channel

When creating your playlists, consider what you want users to see when they come to your page. For example, you can curate videos from your collection that follow a theme.

Take a look at Stephanie Main’s YouTube channel called, “Endure Yoga.” Her channel is dedicated to exercise and healthy living.

At first glance, it may be intimidating to a viewer to sort through and watch every video she’s created, so she has curated playlists that organize her content by the “workout of the day.


She’s organized her “workouts of the day” by the year (i.e. WOD Yoga 2017), and when you click through you can follow along with each workout that fits within her training regimen for 2017 or 2018.


You can also curate playlists based on which videos your viewers engaged with the most. For example, a “best of” or “top 5” list of your most viewed videos will help users easily find your content. Sensai users can find out which videos performed the best for the week, month, quarter or year using the performance feature in the app.  

Here’s another pro tip: Show some love to fellow YouTubers and curate a “favorite videos” playlist that includes good video content from other creators —  sharing their content may spur them to share your content as well.