September 7, 2018 · 5:09 pm

Use Moments to Easily Track Your Social Media Campaigns for Better Results

By Kelly Johnson

Picture this: You have an event approaching. You’ve taken the time to create a social media plan that includes a week’s worth of social posts — which includes photos, custom hashtags, and videos — to promote this event. By all accounts, you’ve done everything right.

As you launch your campaign’s posts, you notice that each one has low engagement. And on the day of your event, you see that it’s sparsely attended. What went wrong?

If you’re not checking your campaign performance, and the social posts associated with it, frequently you won’t know what to adjust for your next campaign. Additionally, you won’t have the insight you need to change your strategy midstream if it’s not working.  

For this reason, you need a social media management tool that offers intuitive tracking for your social media campaigns so you can quickly learn what’s working and what needs to be tweaked.

Enter Sensai Moments. This unique feature allows you to plan and track your social media campaign from start to finish. No other social media management platform gives you the ability to track your campaign like this.

How to Use Moments to Drive Results

Moments is an effective way to track your campaigns across all of the major social channels.

To use this feature, open up Sensai’s platform and select Moments in the left-hand navigation. If you’re using Sensai’s mobile app, you’ll see it on the bottom of your screen.

Select “Create Moment” and load in all of the important details of your campaign that can include the following:

  • The name of your campaign
  • Description
  • Event type such as a sale, fundraiser, live event, or contest
  • The date the campaign should end
  • The event’s location
  • The metrics you want to track like reach, engagement, views, conversions, and more

Click the “Create” button, and you’ve successfully created your Moment.

A Better Way to Monitor, Manage and Track Your Campaign

To track your campaign’s performance, toggle to the Performance tab and select the “Create Column” button.

Once you’ve taken that action, enter the name of your Moment (we recommend using something easy to remember, like “Live Event Campaign Tracking.”) You’ll also need to enter the social platforms and metrics you want to monitor, as well as the date of your campaign.

The last field will ask you to select the Moment that you want to monitor. That will pull in the campaign you set up in the Moments tab. Once you’ve filled out the necessary fields, select “Save Column” to complete the process.

By creating a column, you’re adding a module that will allow you to see, at a glance, how your campaign is performing.

Begin Scheduling Your Posts for Your Campaign

Now that you’ve set up your Moment, you can begin to schedule your posts for your campaign. When scheduling posts, remember to select the Moment associated with this post to ensure that you’re properly tracking all of your content tied to the campaign.

This intuitive method for campaign tracking will help you know how your content is performing and update your posts as necessary to drive the desired results for your social media campaign.

Watch this video to learn how to use Sensai. Moments is available to all customers.