January 2, 2018 · 4:54 am

Need Ideas for Posting to Social Media? Here’s Content for January

We're not looking forward to Hangover Day.

By Eric Meyerson

Need some social media content ideas to post to Facebook or Twitter this month? How about a clever idea for a YouTube video, Snapchat snap, or Instagram shot? We’ve got ideas for every day in January 2018.

January 1st: Happy National Hangover Day! Celebrate with a bloody Mary, an egg sandwich, and a pair of sunglasses.

January 2nd: Happy Run Up the Flagpole and See If Anyone Salutes Day! Try out some of your zaniest ideas today, and see what sticks; the winner gets a prize. (It’s a hug.)

January 3rd: Happy Humiliation Day! Today’s a great day to play a prank your bestie! Just don’t get too crazy – you want to still be friends next January.

January 4th: Happy National Spaghetti Day! Cook up a plate of your favorite pasta to impress the carb lovers in your life. Check out some of these recipes if you need some inspiration.

January 5th: Bradley Cooper and Robert Duvall have birthdays today! Wish them a happy birthday by renting “The Hangover” and “The Godfather” for a double feature night.

January 6th: Cuddle Up Day: Get cozy with your special someone, a friend or even your favorite pet today. Baby, it’s cold outside!

January 7th: Happy birthday to Nicholas Cage, a national treasure! Fun fact: Nick Cage is related to director Francis Ford Coppola and actor Jason Schwartzman.

January 8th: Stephen Hawking and Elvis Presley have birthdays today! Celebrate by putting on your favorite pair of blue suede shoes and appreciating the night sky.

January 9th: Salute the future queen on her birthday! Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge was born on this day in 1982; celebrate by wearing a stylish hat and a drinking a cup of tea.

January 10th: Celebrate the best day of the year (no, it’s not Thanksgiving–it’s National Bittersweet Chocolate Day!) by taking a bite of bittersweet chocolate (or four!).

January 11th: Have a little fun in the Great Outdoors on Step in a Puddle and Splash Your Friend Day! Just make sure it’s not the same friend you humiliated earlier in the month.

January 12th: Say happy birthday to Jeff Bezos, the richest man in America, by ordering yourself a gift from the Internet.

January 13th: Is today even International Skeptics Day? I don’t believe it.

January 14th: Celebrate Dress Up Your Pet Day by buying some mittens for your furry friend. Or maybe an adorable costume. 

January 15th: Celebrate Martin Luther King Jr. Day by standing up for what you believe in; sign a petition, but please do it peacefully.

January 16th: National Nothing Day only comes once a year, so make it count. Do as little as possible. We’re counting on you.

January 17th: Benjamin Franklin’s Birthday is the best day of the year to appreciate one of the greatest inventions of all time! Turn on a light for BF today.

January 18th: Test your knowledge on Thesaurus Day by using as many words as possible–without using the same word twice.

January 19th: Celebrate National Popcorn Day by popping up a bag of freshly popped popcorn! No popcorn machine? Microwave it. That counts.

January 20th: Who doesn’t love cheese? Spread some brie or slice up some gouda for National Cheese Lovers Day today.

January 21st: Give a friend (or even a stranger!) a hug for National Hugging Day; just be sure to ask first. You don’t want today to turn into National Awkward Day.

January 22nd: Celebrate Wilbur Scoville’s Birthday by eating some Scotch bonnet peppers! Scoville was the man who created the scale for testing the heat of peppers; your taste buds should thank him!

January 23rd: Tell your friends, “Happy National Pie Day,” by baking them a pie. If you’re more of a joker than a lover, celebrate with a pie in the face.

January 24th: You smell nice. Celebrate National Compliment Day by complimenting everyone you meet. 

January 25th: Tell your friends that it’s National Opposite Day by saying, “Good night,” in the morning or by wishing them a happy National Synonym Day.

January 26th: Show your spouse what they mean to you today on National Spouse’s Day! This day is a double bonus if your spouse is unaware that this holiday exists.

January 27th: Change your phone’s ringtone because today is Mozart’s birthday! Wish the original king of pop a happy birthday by listening to some of his top hits.

January 28th: Celebrate National Fun at Work Day by creating a cool atmosphere in the office. Bake a cake, plan some office games and host a raffle.

January 29th: You get a birthday, and you get a birthday! Celebrate one of the most famous women in the world: Oprah! Wish her a happy birthday by hugging a teacher today.

January 30th: Celebrate a former president’s birthday with a little salute. Franklin D. Roosevelt was born on this day in 1882 in Hyde Park, NY.

January 31st: January 31st is a great day to do everything backwards to celebrate National Backward Day! February for ready you are now?

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