May 30, 2018 · 7:31 pm

Social Media Content for Every Day in June

Don't stress about finding content ideas for the month. We've found some for you.

By Kelly Johnson

Constantly coming up with new ideas to create social content can be difficult and stressful. However, one of the easiest ways to generate new ideas is to plan content around the major holidays and events. Check out these June holidays, events and important dates to fill your calendar.

June 1 NBA Finals

Gear up for the 2018 NBA Finals, where the Golden State Warriors will face the Cleveland Cavaliers for the fourth year in a row. If this matchup is anything like previous Finals, this will be a nail-biter from start to finish. Poll your audience and ask who you think will win the Championship, or whether they think LeBron James is better than Michael Jordan.

June 2 Roots Picnic

The Roots Picnic is an annual music festival hosted by the critically acclaimed hip-hop group The Roots. The first Roots Picnic happened on June 7, 2008, and has been a June staple in Philadelphia ever since. This year’s festival lineup includes Lil Uzi Vert, DVSN, Brandy and 2 Chainz. If you love hip-hop and R&B, retweet the performers that are going to perform at the picnic and a few of their hits.

June 3 Love Conquers All Day

With all of the political discourse happening today — especially over social channels — it’s important to remind your fans and followers that love will conquer all on this holiday. Post positive messages to start the conversation.

June 4 National Hug Your Cat Day

Post a picture of you hugging your feline friend on National Hug Your Cat Day. If you’re allergic, take a picture of you putting the squeeze on a stuffed cat.

June 5 World Environment Day

Created by the United Nations in 1974, World Environment Day highlights the need for environmental protection. Here’s a fun way to bring awareness to this holiday, join the UN’s #BeatPlasticPollution tag game. Here are the details.

June 6 D-Day WWII

June 6 marks D-Day, or the day Allied forces landed on Normandy beach during World War II. Known as the largest seaborne invasion in history, D-Day marked the beginning of the liberation of German-occupied northwestern Europe from Nazi control. There were several famous heroes of D-Day. Post “Did You know” content like this to educate your audience about these veterans who are celebrities.

June 7 Trial Technology Day

Don’t miss your opportunity to try out new software or technology on Trial Technology Day. You can also recommend tech that you’ve used and think is helpful to your audience. Choose tech that’s made your life better or more streamlined.

June 8 World Oceans Day

World Oceans Day is a great reminder to be responsible with trash — especially plastics — and dispose of them in proper receptacles. Plastic trash is a serious problem for the oceans and its inhabitants. Take a picture of yourself disposing of plastics responsibly and encourage your followers to do the same.

Bonus Idea: June 8 Best Friends Day

Best Friends Day is a perfect day for celebrating your friends and how they support you. Post a picture you and your besties doing a fun activity and ask your audience to do the same.

June 9 Belmont Stakes

Did you miss the Kentucky Derby? Don’t worry you can have a Belmont Stakes party and capture the antics on your social channels. For those who haven’t heard of this race before, this is a top-tier thoroughbred horse race, held every June at Belmont Park in New York.

June 10 National Iced Tea Day

This day honors one of the most popular summer drinks — iced tea. Create a batch with unconventional flavors and post the results on your social channels. You can also ask your fans and followers to tell you their favorite flavor.

June 11 National Corn on the Cob Day

Yes, the mainstay of barbeques nationwide — corn on the cob — has its own day. Post your favorite recipe or show a picture of you attempting to eat this famous side dish.

June 12 Superman Day

DC Comic fans all over the world will celebrate the Man of Steel on June 12. On this holiday, ask your audience who played the best Superman: Henry Cavill, Brandon Routh, Dean Cain or Christopher Reeve.

June 13 National Kitchen Klutzes Day

National Kitchen Klutzes Day, although obscure, is a fun holiday to recognize the accident-prone cooks in our lives. Share a funny picture of you or a friend who is a total klutz in the kitchen.

June 14 Army’s Birthday

The Army — the largest branch of the military service — celebrates its 243rd birthday on this day. Thank a soldier for their service on this day, or post a Happy Birthday note to the Army on your social channels.

Bonus Idea: June 14 National Family History Day

Do you have a unique story about your family history? If so, share it on National Family History Day. Just don’t air too much dirty laundry.

June 15 Nature Photography Day

Started by the North America Nature Photography Association (NANPA), Nature Photography Day encourages nature lovers nationwide to capture the beauty of the outdoors. Post a photo on Instagram, tag your location, and use the #NaturePhotograhpy hashtag to make your post discoverable.

June 16 World Juggling Day

If you’re one of the few people who can juggle, show off your skills on your social channels on World Juggling Day. In fact, if you have a YouTube channel, post a quick tutorial for those of us who still struggle to juggle.

June 17 Father’s Day

Celebrate dads on Father’s Day. Always on the third Sunday in June, it’s the perfect time to share what your dad, grandad, or father figures mean to you. You can also post your ideas for the perfect gift for Father’s Day.

June 18 Autistic Pride Day

Autistic Pride Day celebrates the neurodiversity in the world and recognizes the potential of people who live with autism. Share your appreciation for the autistic and post a message of support.

June 19 Juneteenth

Juneteenth marks the declaration of the emancipation of the slaves in Texas on June 19, 1856. It also generally commemorates the end of slavery in the southern states. Your social channels can feature more information on local Juneteenth celebrations.

June 20 World Refugee Day

Every day, thousands of families flee war-torn countries in search of a better life and safety. On World Refugee Day, show your support for men, women, and children who braved terrible conditions to make better lives for themselves.

June 21 Summer Solstice

The Summer Solstice marks the beginning of summer and is the longest day of the year. Post photos that show how you’ll celebrate the first day of summer.

Bonus Idea: June 21 World Music Day

Celebrate music from all corners of the globe on World Music Day. Check Spotify to see if any cool playlists from a few up and coming artists from around the world pop up and share those with your network. Or, if you perform world music then this is an opportunity to post videos of past performances to YouTube or Twitter.

June 22 NBA Draft

After March Madness, it’s time to see all your faves from the college tournament one more time as they prepare to make the final jump to the NBA. Post a poll asking which players are most likely to get drafted early, and some of their favorite draft steals and busts.

Bonus Idea: June 22 Take Your Dog to Work Day

Do you have a pup that you can’t bear to leave at home? Then, bring your pooch to work on Take Your Dog to Work Day. You can make a short video of your dog’s day in the office — just make sure it’s okay with your employer.

June 23 Public Service Day

Serve your community on Public Service Day. You can volunteer with a local community service, group or highlight someone on your social channels who you think is doing good in the world.

June 24 Museum Comes to Life Day

Every June 24, museums around the United States take part in Museum Comes to Life Day and make certain exhibits interactive. Check your local Museum to see if they’re participating.

June 25 Global Beatles Day

Who doesn’t love a Beatles song? Celebrate the iconic band by posting your favorite song or ask your fans to share their favorite Beatles tune.

June 26 Tropical Cocktails Day

Tiki bars, paper umbrellas, and big frothy drinks come to mind for Tropical Cocktails Day. If you’ve got a killer recipe for a tasty tropical cocktail, then share it with your fans. Or find your local watering hole and take a cool photo of one to post on Instagram.

June 27 National PTSD Awareness Day

About 8 million adults have post-traumatic stress disorder during a given year, according to the US Department of Veterans Affairs. Take the time to educate your fans and followers about PTSD and post links to helpful resources, such as the VA’s website.

June 28 National Bomb Pop Day

Relive your childhood and celebrate National Bomb Pop Day. The holiday always falls on the last Thursday in June which is good timing — you can stock up on this treat before the Fourth of July.

June 29 National Camera Day

Professional and amateur photographers who still use cameras (not just on their smartphones) can show off their talents on National Camera Day. If you participate in this holiday, post pictures that were taken from a camera, and include tips and tricks on how you got that perfect shot.

June 30 Social Media Day

Social Media Day is going to be epic. Get ready for a deluge of memes, photos, and quips celebrating this holiday. With that said, it’s important to stand out on this day. Take a look at your social profile, and check your recommendations form Sensai. See if there are any hashtags or content that’s relevant to your brand or business that will help your content rise to the top in your fans and followers feeds.