May 7, 2018 · 8:40 am

Sensai Makes Posting to Instagram and Twitter Easier Than Ever Before

This new tool helps you run your social media more effectively.

By Kelly Johnson

We get it. Posting to all of your social channels natively, multiple times a day can be a clunky, time-consuming process.

What’s more, it’s easy to forget to post to one of your social channels (and miss an opportunity to share valuable content with your audience) when you have so many channels to monitor.

Today, we at Sensai are excited to announce Scheduling. We’ve added this new feature to our AI-powered tool to help you save time, streamline your workflow, and ensure every post is going out at the desired time.

You can also quickly implement our recommendations and easily post to your channels, so you can deliver the right content to your fans at the right time.

How Scheduling Social Posts Works for Sensai Users

With Scheduling, Sensai customers will be able to easily draft, save and send social posts within the platform.

Whether you’re a Professional-tier customer who receives personalized recommendations, or a Free customer who hasn’t upgraded yet, you will be able to implement our unique, actionable Wisdom right away from the app or desktop.

Now, when you sign into Sensai (from mobile or desktop), you’ll have the option to immediately post to Instagram or Twitter. Or, you can create social posts and save in drafts to send at a time of your choosing.

You’ll also notice our new and improved three-column design that lets you see your wisdom, schedule, and drafts at a glance.


The update removes the extra step of leaving the app to post natively to any of your social networks after receiving recommendations.

“The new Scheduling feature helps our customers easily and quickly post their social messages to all of their networks,” said Angel Gambino, CEO of Sensai.

“We’re helping customers streamline their workflow and save time by removing the extra step of leaving the platform to implement our guidance. Now, once they receive valuable recommendations they can post to their social channels directly from Sensai.

“Sensai is the first social tool to figure out how to help people exceed their social media marketing goals by giving them actionable intelligence that they can act on immediately,” Gambino concluded.

Scheduling is available for Twitter and Instagram. Try it out today.