March 27, 2018 · 9:30 am

Need Social Media Posting Ideas? Here’s Content for Every Day in April 2018

Check out these fun ideas for social media content.

By Kelly Johnson

If you’re not sure of what kind of content to post for the month of April, don’t worry — we’ve got you covered. Here are two content ideas for every day in April.

April 1: It’s Easter. Celebrate the holiday by showing off pictures of your egg decorating skills or record you and your friends having a fun (non-full body contact) Easter Egg hunt.

April 1: Happy April Fool’s Day. Ask your followers to post the craziest stunts they’ve ever pulled on this day — Also, feel free to pull a prank — you’re allowed.

April 2: Children’s Book Day is today. Use this opportunity to reminisce about your favorite children’s book and ask your followers what their favorite book was as a child?

April 2: Happy Reconciliation Day. Did you fall out with a friend then patch things up? If it doesn’t cause too much drama, post a photo of you and your reconciled pal today.

April 3: Today is Don’t Go to Work Unless It’s Fun Day, so post photos of yourself and your coworkers at the office, or at the beach ( if that won’t get you fired).

April 3: World Party Day is today. Get some friends together for a spontaneous gathering and party like it’s 1999.

April 4: Hug a Newsperson Day falls on this day. If you don’t know a newsperson, then give a shout out on social to your favorite local or national news anchor.

April 4: Today is School Librarian Day, so make sure to ask your followers with kids to bring a treat for their school librarian.

April 5: Go for Broke Day is today. The day is meant to commemorate a time when you risked it all to accomplish a personal or professional goal. Ask your followers to share a moment when they went for broke.

April 5: Today is National Dandelion Day. Find the dandelion crown on Snapchat, and post a video for your followers to commemorate this day.

April 6: National Walk to Work Day is technically the first Friday of every month. If you can’t walk to work, just park as far away from your office as possible and film your walk to the door.

April 6: New Beer’s Eve may not be as famous as New Year’s Eve, but it’s gaining traction. Throw a beer party, and ask your friends to bring a sample of their favorite brews.

April 7: Caramel Popcorn Day is today, so grab a few tins to bring into the office. Post your favorite brand of caramel corn online, and run a poll to see if people prefer caramel, cheese, or butter corn.

April 7: Happy World Health Day. Donate blood at your local blood bank. Ask your followers to join in by encouraging them to post what they do to stay healthy.

April 8: Draw a Bird Day falls on April 8 every year. The day started during World War II when a little girl visiting wounded soldiers asked them to draw a bird for her to lift their spirits. It’s a lot of fun to participate in.

April 8: All animal lovers unite on Zoo Lover’s Day. What is your favorite memory of your local zoo? Post it, and ask your followers if any of them have never been to a zoo before. Offer free zoo passes to the people who respond.

April 9: Name Yourself Day is today. What name would you give yourself if you could have any name in the world? Ask your followers to post their self-given names, too.

April 9: Happy Winston Churchill Day. Celebrate today by asking your followers to post their favorite Winston Churchill quotes on Twitter.

April 10: Golfer’s Day is today. If you don’t have a golfer in your life, simply dress up as one before heading to work. Ask your followers to post a photo of their favorite golfer.

April 10: Happy National Siblings Day. Do you have siblings? What a great day to show them off to your followers.

April 11: Eight-track Tape Day is today. Share the name of your very first eight-track. If you have no idea what an eight-track tape is, ask your followers for an education.

April 11: Happy Barbershop Quartet Day. Grab three of your friends to go caroling at local barber shops and hair salons.

April 12: Grilled Cheese Sandwich Day is on April 12 every year. Post a recipe for your favorite grilled cheese recipe. Encourage your followers to make the recipe for lunch or dinner and post photos of the results.

April 12: National Licorice Day is today. Are you a red or black licorice person? Run a poll to find out everyone’s preference.

April 13: Friday the 13th is today. If you’re a horror movie fan, post stills from the Friday the 13th franchise.

April 13: Happy International Plant Appreciation Day. Don’t miss this opportunity to stop by your local florist and share a few photos of alluring plants.

April 14: Ex-Spouse Day is today. Take an opportunity to share a story about how an old flame helped you grow for better or worse.

April 14: International Moment of Laughter Day is today. Laughter is not only contagious, but it’s also the best medicine. Share a funny moment like this one.

April 15: Ugh. Income Taxes Day is today. Post a photo of you after you’ve filed your returns or live stream filing for an extension.

April 15: Pay homage to Jack and Rose on Titanic Remembrance Day by posting your favorite quote on Twitter.

April 16: Happy National Eggs Benedict Day. Post your favorite eggs benedict recipe. You know much people love food pics.

April 16: National Stress Awareness Day is today. Post a stress test, and encourage your followers to visit their doctors to find out if they are at risk.

April 17: Bat Appreciation Day is today. Fun fact: In much of the world, bats are essential parts of the ecosystem.

April 17: Happy National Cheeseball Day. Post your favorite cheesy joke and ask your followers to post silly jokes, as well.

April 18: Newspaper Columnists Day is today. Who is or was your favorite columnist? Was it Dear Abby, Carrie Bradshaw, or maybe it’s you?

April 19: Happy National Garlic Day. Post a few recipes that highlight this most famous of seasonings.

April 19: National Hanging Out Day. It’s not what you think. The day was created to drive awareness for hanging laundry instead of consuming energy by using the close dryer. It’s economical and good for the environment.

April 20: Look Alike Day is today. Is there someone you resemble? Use this site to see if you have a doppelganger.

April 20: Volunteer Recognition Day is today. If you work with any volunteers, give them a shout-out. If not, make yourself a volunteer at a worthy local charity.

April 21: Happy Husband Appreciation Day. If you have a husband, post what you appreciate most about him.

April 21: Kindergarten Day is today. Ask your followers to post their kindergarten photos on Instagram. Run a poll to see who still looks the most like their kindergarten photos.

April 22: Happy Earth Day. Show Mother Earth how much you care for her by making resolutions to reduce your carbon footprint. Run a poll on social channels to see how your followers reduce their carbon footprints, too.

April 22: Girl Scout Leader Day is today. Run some Girl Scout trivia. The winner gets two free boxes of their favorite Girl Scout cookies (if you haven’t eaten all of them already).

April 23: National Zucchini Bread Day is today. Post your favorite recipe for zucchini bread. Ask your followers to make the recipe and post photos of the results on Instagram.

April 23: Happy Take a Chance Day. Do one thing today that scares you. Ask your followers to do the same, and ask them to share it.

April 24: Pig in a Blanket Day is today. Celebrate by asking your followers to post their favorite pigs in a blanket recipe.

April 24: Happy birthday, Kelly Clarkson. Pay homage to the original American Idol by sharing a cover of your favorite track.

April 25: Administrative Professionals Day is today, so send your office manager, executive assistant or administrative assistant some flowers today. If you don’t have one, post a photo of your favorite admin from the movies instead.

April 25: East Meets West Day is today. History buffs will appreciate that this day recognizes day the Eastern Front of the Allied forces met the Western front on the River Elbe during WWII.

April 26: Happy National Pretzel Day. Buy pretzels for everyone at work, and post photos of you eating this tasty snack with your colleagues.

April 26: Take Your Daughter to Work Day is today. Post a photo of you and your daughter at your place of work. If you don’t have a daughter, sign up for the Big Brothers, Big Sisters program to inspire a young woman in need.

April 27: Happy Arbor Day. Plant a tree to commemorate the day, and post a photo of it on Instagram. Ask your followers to plant their own trees and soon you’ll have a forest.

April 27: Babe Ruth Day is today. Whether you’re a baseball fan or not, Babe Ruth was one of the most famous and interesting people of pre-WWII America. Call your shot and swing for the fences.

April 28: Happy International Astronomy Day. Head to your local planetarium to learn more about the night sky. Post the wildest fact you learn.

April 28: Great Poetry Reading Day is today. Post your favorite poem, or write one yourself.

April 29: Greenery Day is today. Head to your favorite green space, and post a video of yourself twirling around ala Julie Andrews in “The Sound of Music.”

April 29: Happy National Shrimp Scampi Day. Try out a new recipe or go to a restaurant that serves this seafaring meal, and post images of the dish.

April 30: Today Hairstyle Appreciation Day. What was your favorite hairstyle? Was it the beehive? Was it the Rachel? Post a photo of it and run a poll to see what your followers’ favorite styles were too.

April 30: National Honesty Day is today. Tell the truth and nothing but the truth today. Admit something that you haven’t in public before. People will appreciate the authenticity.

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