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Success on social media is really hard.

It’s a complicated field. Even professional social media managers don’t know everything that’s happening under the hood. How can you keep up? With artificial intelligence.

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Now you've got an A.I. on your team!

The social media companies that you rely on don’t really care about your success. They care mostly about consumers spending more time on their platforms.

So unless you’re prepared to spend a lot of money on ads, you need to figure out how to engage more people for longer.

That’s where Sensai comes in. For a tiny fraction of the cost of a human social media manager, our A.I. determines what’s working on the platforms right now. Then it uses that intelligence to prepare personalized recommendations just for you.

It’s an essential tool for social media effectiveness, no matter whether you’re a one-person-show, a talent agency, or a larger organization.

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Sensai will make your accounts more relevant and more discoverable. If you follow our guidance, you’ll see your accounts grow consistently month over month.

This isn’t a magical shortcut. This isn’t “get 10,000 followers instantly”-type shenanigans that actually harm your account’s performance.

Every day, we’ll share with you strategies to grow your fan base and authentic engagement. We’ll give you tips about how to post differently, content ideas, and best practices that have been proven to work.
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  • Daily best practices and content ideas
  • Manage and post to all your accounts from one app
  • Track your growth and best-performing posts
  • Coming soon: Intelligent boosting
  • Coming soon: Access creative services to make your content more shareable
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$99.99$24.99 /month

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10-Day Free Trial
  • Everything in our Free tier, PLUS
  • Personalized recommendations for achieving your social marketing goals, based on our proprietary A.I
  • Performance charts to see your progress and best-performing posts
  • Build excitement for your most important events
  • Identify and engage influencers
  • Calendar and edit your posts in advance
  • Coming soon: Access our exclusive curated media library
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$500 /month

  • Everything in our Professional tier, PLUS
  • Dedicated account management
  • Daily custom recommendations based on your followers and goals
  • Sensai creates and schedules posts for your review and approval
  • Sensai helps engage influencers and partners on your behalf
  • Monthly calendar development and quarterly strategy sessions with our experts
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About Sensai

We’re a team of veteran social media, data science, and technology professionals who saw people struggling with their socials every day. We want to make the Internet work better for you.

Since we’re in Beta, we want to keep the lines of communication open. As soon as you sign up, we’ll give you an email address you can hit for questions and product feedback. We’ll always get back to you.

And remember, you can cancel anytime.
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