June 19, 2018 · 4:21 pm

4 Reasons to Switch to an Instagram Business Profile and Grow Your Audience

By Kelly Johnson

If you’re currently using a personal Instagram account to promote your career or business, it’s time to up your game.

According to Instagram, more than 25 million businesses worldwide are connected through an Instagram business profile and for a good reason.

Business profiles give you access to a host of useful features including analytics, robust ad capabilities and a variety of other business-boosting features that aren’t available with a personal account.

If you haven’t yet made the switch, read on to learn how an Instagram business profile can help you engage more fans and take your business to the next level.

Reason No.1: Extend Your Reach with Instagram Ads

According to Instagram, 60 percent of their users say they first discovered a product or service through the platform. But, unless you promote your content, potential customers won’t know you exist.

This is where an Instagram business account comes in handy. You can promote high-performing ads with a single click, making it easy to extend your reach to a broader audience and get real Instagram followers. Sensai is also working on a feature to let our A.I. drive your Instagram promotions for maximum impact — you’ll need to have a business profile to use it.

Reason No.2: Increase Website Traffic with Story Links

According to Instagram, 75 percent of Instagram users have taken action (such as visiting a website) after seeing a brand’s post. When you have an Instagram business profile, you make it even easier for potential customers to connect.

It’s as easy as adding a link to your Instagram story. When a potential customer clicks your story, they’ll be taken directly to your site where they can make a purchase, download an app or read your blog — driving more leads and conversions.

Reason No.3: Get a Sneak Peek of New Features

If you switch to a business profile, you’ll enjoy an added perk: The ability to test the latest Instagram features before other consumers know about them.

Often, the network wants to test new features and functionality on small sets of business profile users. Getting early access to these features means that you’ll already understand them and will use them before they’re rolled out to everyone.

Reason No.4: Tap into the Power of Analytics

When you want to measure your marketing strategy, analytics are essential, but you won’t get them with a personal Instagram profile.

With a business profile, you’ll have access to Insights — Instagram’s business analytics feature. Insights are supplemental to the analytics you receive from Sensai.   

You can monitor engagement rates, evaluate ad performance, and track clicks to your website. This makes it easy to see exactly where your marketing strategy is falling short so you can quickly correct it.

Insights also allow you to break down audiences by gender, location and most active times, which helps you better understand when, where and how to reach your followers.

Bonus Tip: Sensai Provides Intelligence for Your Instagram Profile (Business Account or Not)

Whether or not you’re ready to make the move to a business profile, Sensai lets you manage, track and monitor the performance of your social media posts with the power of A.I. Additionally, Sensai offers actionable guidance on how to find more real followers and engage your fans.

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