March 23, 2018 · 3:47 pm

Featured Friday: Aleksandra Karpowicz, Award-winning Artist

Our latest Feature Friday spotlight is on this award-winning artist.

By Kelly Johnson

In our latest FeaturedFriday post, we shine the spotlight on award-winning, London-based artist and filmmaker, Aleksandra Karpowicz.

Karpowicz’s work redefines the notion of the ideal body and uses the “female gaze to challenge wider concerns about the representation of bodies.”

Check out excerpts from her film, “Body as Home” :

Me at the bottom of Africa where two oceans meet. Part of the footage for my new film 'Body as Home'. The film is about a journey of self-discovery, identity, migration and a search for the meaning of home. Filming in 4 different cities; Cape Town, London, New York and Warsaw, 'Body as Home' will capture 3 protagonists in each place; a local, a visitor and the filmmaker herself. The film will address the human body in the context of where people live/stay/are. It will explore the concept of home in regard to geographical location, one’s placement within in society, and personal identity. Feeling at home in a certain place, feeling at home amongst other people and feeling at home within oneself. The personal stories of the protagonists surrounding this theme will be told both audibly, through snippets of recorded speech, and visually through portrayal of the human form. The cast will be filmed both at home and outdoors in each city. Contemporary visual culture’s objectifying eye exposes us to a highly manipulated artificial idealism that is inconsistent with reality. It suppresses the representation of the majority of natural body forms. This results in two negative effects: a lack of tolerance towards others and also a lack self-acceptance; age and body weight being the major factors that contribute to prejudice and self esteem. The way you feel in your skin informs the way you interact with your environment. The aim of this film is to address the relationship between human physicality, sexuality and identity and urge viewers to accept and feel at home in their own bodies.

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