June 1, 2018 · 4:26 pm

Featured Friday With Safiya Jihan: A Creative Style Blogger Who Makes Fashion Her Dream Job

A rising star in the social media space with an eye for fashion and style.

By Kelly Johnson

Sensai is proud to feature Safiya Jihan this week —  a San Francisco-based beauty and style blogger. As founder and owner of Safiya Jihan — a personal styling service — Safiya helps her customers refine and improve their style.

With more than 11,000 followers, Safiya uses Instagram to share her amazing, original, and colorful outfits with her audience.

She tags brands she wears (like ASOS) in her posts, and she has leveraged partnerships with Saks Fifth Avenue, Giorgio Armani, and Bloomingdales to grow her influence. She also uses Instagram best practices to gain exposure for her blog.

As a Professional-tier customer, Safiya uses Sensai to discover her best time to post on both Instagram and Facebook, and to receive personalized feedback like this:



What’s more, the style blogger’s social media following is continually growing. Within a month of using Sensai, her Instagram grew by 500 followers.

Take a look at Safiya’s most engaging posts and outfits: