July 27, 2018 · 4:53 pm

Featured Friday: Sweetness in Seattle Uses Instagram to Make You Instantly Hungry

Disclaimer: Sensai is not responsible for excessive binge eating after reading this post.

By Kelly Johnson

It’s not uncommon to see the occasional Instagram picture of a well-appointed plate of food. However, Kimm Moore — author of the Sweetness in Seattle blog — adeptly showcases her passion for food to inspire and educate bakers and chefs.

Moore is an up-and-coming baker in Seattle who creates sweet, delectable treats that have built a strong local following. She also works as a food critic in the Seattle-area and provides the occasional restaurant review.

Warning: Her Instagram will induce unstoppable cravings. It offers alluring images of dishes she’s created or sampled during her travels and includes easy-to-follow recipes.

Each post is visually engaging and artfully arranged but is also incredibly useful for her audience.

Moore skillfully uses Sensai’s A.I.-driven recommendations to add relevant hashtags, location tags and links back to her blog posts.

After three months of using Sensai, Moore’s Instagram followers grew by nearly 50 percent.

To see the latest recipe from Kimm Moore, visit the Sweetness in Seattle blog. Or, you can follow her on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter.