August 24, 2018 · 5:30 pm

Featured Friday: Robin Ballard, Expert Event Planner, has a Simple Tactic to Connect with Her Community

Events by Robin is creating extraordinary experiences on and offline for their clients

By Kelly Johnson

Robin Ballard is a well-known event and wedding planner who built a successful career creating memorable experiences for her clients.

Ballard’s event-planning company, Events by Robin, produces beautiful, personalized events and weddings that leave an impression on all that attend.

To facilitate the perfect event or wedding, Ballard and her team work tirelessly to understand her client’s needs and desires. Additionally, the Events by Robin team is in constant communication with the client throughout their entire journey to ensure that the event meets the necessary standards.

When you visit her Instagram channel, it’s clear that she and her team strive to present a well-curated profile that showcases the business’ brand, as well as their happy clients. What’s more, the Events by Robin team expertly follows social media best practices by using relevant hashtags, geotags, and descriptions to help improve their discoverability on Instagram and increase their reach — which ultimately leads to more customers.

Here are a few examples of those posts:

To drive a deeper connection with her community, Robin uses Sensai’s A.I.-powered platform to receive personalized recommendations and notifications about trending hashtags, so she doesn’t miss a chance to drive engagement with her audience or find new clients.

“Sensai is a wonderful tool that helps my team and me quickly identify opportunities to answer questions or comments from our customers and our community, said Robin. “It’s also given us time back that we can use to deliver great experiences and events for our clients.”

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