June 15, 2018 · 9:26 pm

Featured Friday: Congrats to the ‘Take Us With You’ Photo Contest Winner and Runners-Up

Read about the winner and runners-up of our 'Take Us With You' photo contest.

By Kelly Johnson

Great photography can provide an effective hook to pull new visitors into your social media profile. And when paired with a compelling story, a photo — especially one focused on travel — can help visitors evoke pleasant memories, learn something new, or visit that location.

With summer fast approaching, Sensai’s A.I. system is already seeing social media abounding with great travel photos. So, we held our first “Take Us With You’’ travel-photo contest to see who used photography to not only spark wanderlust but also inspire or educate their social followers.

On this Featured Friday, we’re pleased to highlight the winner and runners-up of our travel-photo contest.

Out of nearly 60 submissions, Maiwenn Loheac’s photo stood out for its unique subject and story. It’s exactly the kind of topic that drives engagement and sharing on social media.

Here’s more about Loheac’s grand-prize winning photo in her own words:

“The photo was taken in Sacré-Coeur, Canada. It was in a very small village up north that was only accessible by a ferry boat through a fjord. My family and I stayed at a vacation farm for Christmas and one of the activities offered was seeing wolves. The day of, there they were… right in front of our eyes.

“We had to take off anything that the wolves could bite like scarves, glasses, etc. When we entered the wolves’ territory, we had to stand close to a wall so the alpha could ‘accept’ us into its territory by licking our chins.

“I thought it was a joke but then the alpha jumped on my father and slammed him against the wall and we were petrified. The alpha — while standing on its back legs — was much taller than anyone else. It growled and out of the blue started licking my father’s chin. Once the ‘accepting’ done, it started playing around. Soon after, I forgot that the animal in front of me was a wolf —  it was more of a very big heavy dog. The arctic wolf became a friend at that moment ….”

Loheac will receive the Ultimate Mobile Photographer’s Kit — a Moment New Wide Lens mobile phone camera, and a Joby GripTightOne mobile phone tripod. Additionally, she will receive three complimentary months of Sensai’s Professional service.

The professional-tier service (valued at $99 a month), offers:

  • Personalized recommendations for achieving your social marketing goals, based on our proprietary A.I.
  • Performance charts to see your progress and best-performing posts
  • Calendar and edit your posts in advance

Runners-Up to Travel Photo Contest Also Strong Contenders

Otto Omunyidde and Nicole Burleson also submitted compelling photos that made us long to go there. Both runners-up will receive one complimentary month of Sensai Professional service.

Take a look at their photos and the accompanying descriptions:

Otto Omunyidde

“The Bayei are celebrated [for introducing] the Mokoro dugout canoes as the traditional means of transport in the Okavango Delta in Botswana.”

Nicole Burleson

“Surfing the golden waves at an ungodly hour of the day. Traveled to the beach at the perfect time to catch some waves and some rays.”

The Sensai team wants to thank all participants of the “Take Us With You Photo” contest and we want to extend a big congratulations to our winner and runners-up —  we’re excited to offer all of them Sensai’s professional service.

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