January 12, 2018 · 6:01 pm

Facebook News Feed Changed Again: What Should You Do Differently?

Here's what we know about the latest changes.

By Eric Meyerson

Facebook changes its News Feed algorithm constantly, but only a few are big enough for them to make an announcement. This is one of those.

Yesterday, Facebook announced that it is updating its algorithm to favor content that drives “meaningful interactions among friends.” They often state that changes like these will favor some Pages and hurt others. This time, their communication was much clearer: This change will specifically favor personal content over public content.

To understand the impact, it’s best to understand the background. Facebook is trying to make people feel good when they visit Facebook. In fact, Facebook is saying that this change may result in less time spent on Facebook, but warmer feelings about the meaningfulness of their experience.

What does this mean for you? If you publish content to a Page, you should expect lower engagement on it among people who liked your page (unless you pay to boost it). If you publish content that people share with their friends on Facebook, you’re in better shape, but that content will not be seen broadly on Facebook unless it’s the type of content that spurs people to converse with each other in the comments.

What should you do differently? If you produce content for your Page with the expectation of organic reach, you’ve likely already experienced the frustration of Facebook’s algorithm throttling your reach. But News Feed is only one of several spaces in Facebook where you can engage with fans and customers. This change makes those other spaces, like Facebook Stories, Events, and relevant Groups, all the more important for interaction and promotion.

How will this play out? Nobody is quite sure. Some publishers and businesses will crack the code of how to maintain an audience in News Feed, and we’ll be watching to see how they’re doing it. We’ll let you know as we discover more.