February 28, 2018 · 7:25 pm

Social Media Content Ideas for March 2018

More fun ideas for you this month!

By Eric Meyerson

Need some ideas for posting to your social feeds in March 2018? We’ve got you covered! Here are two ideas for every day in March.

March 1: If you’re not allergic, then get on Peanut Butter Lovers’ Day! Celebrate by making a peanut butter shake with a ½ cup of peanut butter, one cup of vanilla ice cream, and two tablespoons of chocolate syrup. Don’t forget to share a video of the process with your followers! (This can make for great Instagram Stories or Facebook Live.)

March 1: Purim begins at sundown tonight, so celebrate by posting links on charities that give food to the not-so fortunate. Purim potlucks are also great photo fodder.

March 2: Happy Employee Appreciation Day! Take a selfie with all of your employees (or fellow employees) to share on your socials. Ask your followers to spread the love by doing the same.

March 2: The World Day of Prayer happens on the first Friday of each month. Encourage your followers give thanks to the universe for their health, wealth and family.

March 3: “Happy Caregiver Appreciation Day!” Post a photo of your parent, spouse, or whoever gives you care today. Ask your followers to tag their favorite caregiver.

March 3: Today is National Anthem Day, so celebrate by singing the national anthem of your home country. Ask your followers to share the love by sharing the national anthem for their home countries.

March 4: Today is possibly one of the most important days out of the year. Celebrate Hug a GI Day by encouraging your followers to thank soldiers for their service.

March 4: Get ready for Oscar Night. Post your predictions, and encourage your followers to vote on who they think might win! Dress to the nines and post photos of yourself in your party attire.

March 5: Today is Multiple Personality Day. Although MPD has been fodder for ridicule over the years, it’s a real mental health disorder that challenges people. Raise awareness of this condition by directing your followers to the Personality Disorder Awareness Network.

March 5: Wish Kevin Connolly a happy birthday by posting your fave”Entourage” moment and giving props to your own hype guy or gal.

March 6: Happy Dentist’s Day! Remind your followers to schedule a cleaning today. Tag your own dentist to give him or her props for keeping your smile white.

March 6: National Frozen Food Day is today. Run a poll to discover your followers’ favorite frozen meal. Post a photo of your own frigid feast, whether a homemade creation or Hungry Man dinner.

March 7: Piet Mondrian’s birthday is today. Share one of his paintings. Encourage your followers to post a painting by their favorite artist.

March 7: Happy birthday to Wanda Sykes! Pay homage to this queen of comedy by posting a few clips of her stand-up.

March 8: International Women’s Day is today. Thank all of your female followers. Post your favorite Jane Jacobs or Eleanor Roosevelt quote.

March 8: Popcorn Lover’s Day is today, so celebrate with a tin of cheddar, kettle and caramel corn. Run a poll that asks your followers if they like salty or sweet.

March 9: Happy birthday, Brittany Snow! Get on social and sing your favorite “Pitch Perfect” mashups.

March 9: Yuri Gagarin’s birthday is today! Celebrate the first man in space by live streaming from your favorite science museum.

March 10: Who knows your middle name? Probably no one! Tweet your middle name and encourage your followers to tweet theirs back.

March 10: Sharon Stone’s birthday is today. Celebrate one of the most famous women in show business by posting photos of yourself in your favorite lady-killer black dress. (Keep it PG.)

March 11: Celebrate Johnny Appleseed Day by baking an apple pie and posting the recipe.

March 11: Worship of Tools Day just happens to be on March 11th! Post a photo of your favorite tool; encourage your followers to post one back.

March 12: Girl Scouts Day is today! Run a poll to determine your followers’ favorite flavor of Girl Scout cookie, or to celebrate a skill they learn.

March 12: Plant a Flower Day is one day out of the year that makes the earth more beautiful and sustainable. Livestream your efforts to plant your favorite flowers.

March 13: It’s never bad conditions for Ear Muff Day. Post photos of yourself with your favorite furry ear coverings anyway.

March 13: National Jewel Day doesn’t celebrate the famed Alaskan singer. Instead, it celebrates the natural beauty of the world. Ask your followers what they value more than jewels.

March 14: National Potato Chip Day might not be the best holiday of the year, but it certainly is the crunchiest! Post some of your favorite unexpected ways to use these spuds in a recipe.

March 14: Today is 3.14 (otherwise known as National Pi Day). Celebrate National Pi Day by posting a recipe for your favorite slice. Don’t forget to make it yourself and take a selfie eating it.

March 15: What’s today? No way! No…way! It’s actually National Dumbstruck Day?! Tell your followers an unbelievable fact.

March 15: Beware the Ides of March! Or, just celebrate the Ides of March by posting your favorite quote from one of Shakespeare’s most famous stories.

March 16: Everything You Do is Right Day is today, so don’t fret! You can do no wrong on this holiday! Encourage your followers to post photos of themselves doing crazy things.

March 16: Today is James Madison’s birthday! Wish this former president a happy birthday by posting your favorite quote from the Constitution today.

March 17: Saint Patrick’s Day is today. Time to drink some green beer, sing “Danny Boy,” and charm a few snakes? Post a video of some shameless St. Patty’s Day karaoke. All will be forgiven. Just keep it sane.

March 17: National Corned Beef and Cabbage Day is appropriately the same day as Saint Patrick’s Day. Make a tasty sandwich to celebrate the Irish American immigrants who invented this delectable dish. Don’t forget to post the recipe on Instagram!

March 18: Goddess of Fertility Day (one of the most feminine holidays) just happens to come the day after one of the most masculine holidays. Post instructions on how to start a goddess circle.

March 18: Supreme Sacrifice Day is today! Ask your followers what they would give up if they could get anything in the world.

March 19: Happy Poultry Day! Buy a roast chicken to cook for your family today. Ask your followers to post their favorite chicken recipes.

March 19: Glenn Close’s birthday is today! Ask your followers to post their favorite Glenn Close films. Are they all about Fatal Attraction or do they prefer 101 Dalmatians?

March 20: Extraterrestrial Abductions Day is today. Ask your followers to post their creepiest nighttime UFO photos.

March 20: The Spring Equinox is officially here! Celebrate by planting a few flowers in your backyard and live streaming it.

March 21: Celebrate Credit Card Reduction Day by cutting up all of your credit cards except for one. Post photos of the credit card remnants.

March 21: Celebrate Fragrance Day by making your own signature scent. Mix a few drops of essential oils with a carrier oil (such as coconut or palm oil) to make your own perfume.

March 22: National Goof Off Day is today. Play hooky from work, play a round of golf, or go to the movies today instead of doing what you’re supposed to do. You may not want to post the evidence of your crimes on any social media!

March 22: Reese Witherspoon’s birthday is today! Celebrate by asking your followers to share photos of themselves wearing their #TimesUp pins to celebrate this important female activist and beloved movie and TV actress.

March 23: National Chip and Dip Day is today. Have a chip and dip party and pass around as many variations as you can think up! Ask your followers to respond to your photos with hashtags of their favorite flavors.

March 23: Who can be sad when it’s National Puppy Day! Head to the pet store to snuggle a little furry friend. Don’t forget to share the love by sharing your photos.

March 24: Harry Houdini was born on this day. Celebrate the master of escape by making a funny escape video yourself. Maybe your dog can find its way out of your impenetrable sofa fort?

March 24: National Chocolate Covered Raisin Day is best celebrated with a box of your favorite chewy goodies. Take a poll to find out if your followers are pro-raisin or anti-raisins.

March 25: Celebrate Pecan Day by making a pecan pie, pecan sandies and pecan brownies. That’s a lot of pecans! Post your pecan bounty for your followers to enjoy.

March 25: Elton John was born today! Don’t forget to Tweet him a happy birthday, and maybe shoot some selfies in tinted glasses. He’s generated some headlines lately on his farewell tour.

March 26: Make Up Your Own Holiday Day only comes once a year. Ask your followers to make up their own holidays and run a poll to find out which one is best.

March 26: Celebrate National Spinach Day in the same way Popeye would: with a handful of your favorite greenery stuffed into a healthy smoothie. Don’t forget to share the recipe!

March 27: Happy National “Joe” Day! Celebrate the everyman by congratulating every Joe you know.

March 27: Mariah Carey’s birthday is today! Dust off your pipes to sing a few high notes today. Ask your followers to video themselves singing their favorite Mariah songs. Maybe even watch her movie starring debut in Glitter. (OK, maybe not that last one.)

March 28: Celebrate Something on a Stick Day with corn dogs, popsicles and kebabs. Don’t forget to take photos and share them with your followers. What can you innovate on a stick?

March 28: Weed Appreciation Day is today. Not that kind of weed. Thank the tangled weeds in your garden before giving them a good tug and getting rid of them. Post your photos on Instagram.

March 29: National Mom and Pop Business Owners Day is on March 29th. Make a point to only shop local on this day–and don’t forget to encourage your followers to share their favorite mom and pop shops!

March 29: Happy Smoke and Mirrors Day! Celebrate by picking out one of your best magic tricks and sharing it with the world.

March 30: Celine Dion’s birthday is today. Celebrate by posting a photo of Schwartz’s Deli (Dion was a fan of this famous deli and purchased it when it was slated to close in 2012). Or you can just do a recreation of the famous Titanic pose.

March 30: I Am In Control Day. I am in control today. I am in control today. I am in control today. Take a poll to find out if your followers are control freaks too.

March 31: Happy Bunsen Burner Day! Find a few science geeks for a few fun science projects today. Post the results on Facebook.

March 31: National Clam on the Half Shell Day. Get thee down to the shore, open up a few clams and eat them with a nice glass of wine. We’re sure you can find a nice way to photograph them. Yum.

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