August 31, 2018 · 4:34 pm

Claim Your Business on Facebook Place and Shape Your Brand Before Your Customers Do

Take control of your brand perception on Facebook

By Valentina Mezzasalma

Word of mouth is a powerful tool. It can lead people to your business or drive them away. And it’s further amplified by social media.

For example, when customers patronize a business they’ll take it upon themselves to let everyone know if they loved or hated the service they received, what the business hours are, and other details. If the business itself doesn’t complete its information online, customers will fill in the gaps.

On Facebook, this user-generated content — which can be created in the form of a Facebook Place —  is great if there’s nothing but good intel about your business. But one piece of incorrect information can tank your brand perception.

To avoid giving new customers the wrong impression of your business, you need to claim your Facebook Place.

A Facebook Place includes information such as your business name, address and phone number. Additionally, a Facebook Place allows customers to check-in or rate your business.

If you don’t claim your Facebook Place, you can run into two problems:

No.1: Consumers won’t find your business. According to Square Up, 52 percent of consumers find businesses on Facebook. So if you don’t have a Place, your business, and its location will be hard to find on Facebook — which potentially could cost you future customers.

No.2: You won’t have control of the content on that page. People will write reviews for your business which could be incorrect, such as store hours or contact information.

Maintain control of your brand and create a Facebook Place now. Here’s a step-by-step guide to get you started.

1. Go to Facebook and search for your business name or create a new Facebook Place

The first thing you need to do is to check if your business already exists as a “Facebook Place.” Some visitors may have created the Place when they checked-in at your location. Search for your business and filter by “Places.”

If your business doesn’t have a Place, then you will need to either check-in at the location using your personal Facebook profile. Or, you can choose the “business” category for your business to create a Place.

2. Go to the place that refers to your business and merge it with your existing business page

Once you find the Place you want to claim, click on the three dots next to “Save.” Tap the option: “Is This Your Business?” Then, decide if you want to merge the page with a page that you own already or claim this page becoming an admin of this “new” page. 


We suggest merging your business Page with the Place to centralize your Facebook presence (photos, posts, events, video, ads, likes).

3. Add additional business information and verify your identity

To claim your business, you need to provide the official name of the business, address and a business phone number. Then, verify that you’re the owner of the business through an e-mail or document-verification process. Be advised: It takes 72 hours for Facebook to verify your information.

Pro Tip: Add (or write in advance) an email that contains the business name in the domain to faster verify that you’re a representative of your business.

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