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Blog · July 19, 2018

3 Brands Doing Social Media Right and What Your Business Can Learn From Them

Some of today’s top brands have solid social media marketing strategies that can inspire your business.

Blog · July 13, 2018

Featured Friday: Tunde Olaniran, a Distinct and Intriguing Voice in Music and Activism

Olaniran’s genre-bending sounds can be described as progressive, experimental and transfixing.

Blog · July 10, 2018

3 Phrases to Eliminate from Your Social Media Marketing Strategy

Before you jump on the buzzword bandwagon, check out some of our favorite examples of overused social media jargon and why you should avoid using them in your social media marketing strategy.   

Blog · July 5, 2018

Is it Better to Have Longer or Shorter Posts to Drive Engagement?

We took an in-depth look at each platform to determine the best length for posts to drive engagement. Here’s what we’ve found.

Blog · July 2, 2018

Social Media Content for Every Day in July

We’ve compiled a list of creative ways to use your favorite July holidays to invigorate your social posts and engage more followers.

Blog · June 29, 2018

Featured Friday with Rafael Moreira: One of the World’s Greatest Guitarists

Rafael is very active on social media. He likes to exhibit his talent and share behind the scenes videos of himself and his bandmates.

Blog · June 28, 2018

Don’t Buy Followers. The Consequences Aren’t Worth It

Some social media “experts” advise that you should buy followers — as many as 10,000 if you can. Don't do that.

Blog · June 27, 2018

Wednesday Wisdom: What You Need to Know About IGTV

IGTV allows you to diversify the content you post on the network, so you have more opportunities to connect with your audience.

Blog · June 22, 2018

Featured Friday: House of Whales, An Alternative Hip-Hop Band Who Rocks on Social Media

House of Whales is in tune with the power of social media and uses their platforms to reflect their creative style and connect with their fans.