August 15, 2018 · 5:04 pm

Wednesday Wisdom: Use Twitter Lists to Keep Tabs on the Competition and Win More Customers

Don't miss another update or chance to interact with a potential customer.

By Valentina Mezzasalma

Have you ever missed a trending topic or conversation on Twitter, inducing a severe case of FOMO?

When you follow more than 100 accounts on Twitter, your newsfeed can become a hodge-podge of content and very confusing. It also makes it hard to keep up with all of the content that’s been published. You could also miss relevant updates from your audience and not have a chance to engage with your community or potential customers.

There’s a simple solution to this problem: Twitter Lists. These lists categorize the accounts you follow and bring order to your stream — relieving your FOMO.

Twitter Lists can be used to keep track of your friends and family. But, if you’re a small business you can use this tool strategically to track your competition, or you can keep of list of your most engaged fans.

Here are five tips that can help you use Twitter Lists to achieve your business’ social media marketing goals.

1. Create Private Lists of Your Competitors and Clients

Twitter Lists give you the ability to monitor your market. Adding all of your competitors to a List can easily help you understand what’s going on in your industry, and how your competition is using Twitter to gain more customers.

Also, you can add your customers to a List. You can monitor who is actively engaging with or evangelizing your business. Those customers can also be a font of precious feedback and insights. Just remember to keep both Lists private. When you set a list to “public,” people on the List receive a notification.

2. Create a List of Employees and of People who Usually Retweet your Tweets

Creating Lists that include your team members and your most vocal followers is a great way to create a sub-community that has a strong affinity for your company.

It also makes it easier to engage with our co-workers and your best followers, which can create an even stronger bond with your advocates.

3. Create a List of Industry Influencers and Interesting Accounts

Create a List of industry influencers so you can keep tabs on what they’re doing in your space. It’s a great way to identify which influencer is using Twitter in unique ways and if there’s an opportunity to partner with them on a campaign. Set this List to “public” so that it can be searchable and broaden your reach.  You can also tweet about this — it could grab the attention of other influencers who want to be included on your list.

4. Create a “Press” List

When a journalist (or a blogger) writes about you, make sure to follow them and include them on a List. Get to know them, read their Tweets and engage them when relevant conversations happen. We suggest keeping this List private.

5. Create a List Every Time You Attend (or Host) an Event or Create a Local List

Develop a List of local companies near your business. If you hold an event, add the attendees to a List so you can market to them later. The list of local businesses can be public so you can foster a sense of community online and in the real world.

Pro Tip: Creating a Twitter List is easy — click on “List” in the menu of your Twitter page. Additionally, pay attention to the whether or not your list is public or private.

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