September 19, 2018 · 5:42 pm

Wednesday Wisdom: Short on Social Content? Don’t Be Afraid to Repurpose

Don't be afraid to reuse and recycle your best social content.

By Valentina Mezzasalma

You’ve dedicated a lot of time and effort to create your cache of social content, but now you’re having a bit of creator’s block. Rather than struggle to find new content ideas, why you don’t repurpose your previously published content?

There are infinite ways you can repackage your content for your audience. The secret lies in understanding how to remix your content based on feedback or the topics that matter the most to your customers and your fans.

Here are a few ideas to help you get started.

Use Analytics to Find Your Hits

The first step to finding content worth repurposing is to look at your social media analytics to identify the most popular posts.

You can use Sensai’s Performance tab to see which type of content has resonated the best with your audience.

Sensai tracks your engagement and will rank your posts based on likes, shares, and comments — clear indicators of which pieces of content are perfect for repurposing.

Remix Your Content Based on Feedback

Did an old post receive a lot of comments and questions? The feedback can be your inspiration to refresh old comment.

If your customers leave feedback about your product, brand, or your profile on your posts then remix the old content around these specific questions and needs.

A Facebook or Instagram Story or a short YouTube video are ideal ways to address some of the questions or comments that have been left on previous posts and don’t forget to reference the original post for context.

Serialize Your Content

If you have a large or text-heavy piece of existing content, you have an opportunity to create a “series’ of social posts that your customers associate with your brand.

For example, Sensai created “A Best Times to Post to Social Media” infographic with a large amount of data. We posted the link to the blog once, then posted each of the “best times” on all of the different social channels in the subsequent weeks.

The reposting strategy helped us to bring new visitors back to our blog post, and it helped re-energize the conversation on our social channels about when to post to socials to drive engagement.

Timely Topics Can Refresh Content

Keep an eye on breaking news or updates to timely topics that you’ve posted about before. You can update the existing content with the new developments instead of creating new posts.

This is very effective on Twitter, which always features updated or late-breaking news. By retweeting your older content with updated news, you will resurface social posts that performed well or are valuable to your audience.

Use Recurring Trending Hashtags

Using relevant hashtags such as #ThrowBackThursday or #FlashBackFriday is an easy way to repurpose your content on social media. Hashtags help you increase your reach and potentially find new audiences for your content.

For example, create a regular cadence (either monthly or weekly) of #ThrowBack content that resurfaces your best performing post and change the original format of the content.

If your old content was a blog post, you can record a video summarizing the post and offering tips. Remixing the format is also a good tactic to understand which format resonates better with your audience.

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