August 8, 2018 · 8:37 pm

Wednesday Wisdom: 4 Ways to Use Social Media to Prospect and Drive Sales for Your MLM

These social media tips and tactics will help you attract more potential customers and recruits.

By Kelly Johnson

As a multi-level marketer (MLM) you have to hustle hard to make your sales and commision goals. And, between closing deals and recruiting new team members into your organization, you have little room to use social media effectively to attract new customers.

However, you have an arsenal of social media tools and tactics at your disposal to help you achieve your prospecting and sales goals.

Here are four ways you can use social media to find new customers and recruit new team members for your MLM.

1. Build Relevant YouTube Playlists

You need a cache of easy-to-understand, organized, and helpful content that can be used by everyone in your downline to educate potential customers, increase sales and gain new representatives.

A YouTube playlist can be your repository of curated content that provides information about your brand, product, and job opportunities.

For example, take a look at Personal Trainer and Pruvit Representative Dustin Schaffer’s YouTube playlists. Schaffer organized his playlists by health and fitness tutorials (that show off his Keto products and how it works for his customers) and by representative stories (used as a recruitment tool).

These types of videos are excellent sales tools and can be posted to your social channels or sent directly to your prospective clients or recruits.

Don’t forget to tag your videos with relevant keywords and phrases to make sure your content is discoverable in YouTube’s search.

2. Use Question Stickers for Instagram Stories as a Lead Generator

In our last social media updates post, we discussed how the new Question Stickers for Instagram Stories feature is an effective tool for multi-level marketers.

The Question Stickers not only give a much-needed update to Instagram Stories, but they also give you a way to better qualify your leads that come from social media.

Ask specific questions in the sticker about your products, services, or company and the answers will come to your direct messages. You can follow up directly with the potential customers or prospective recruits that responded to keep the conversation going.

3. Find a Social Media Tool that Will Post for You

You don’t want to spend a lot of time posting several messages a day to your Twitter, Instagram or Facebook. The more time you spend posting to each social channel, the less time you spend closing deals.

Conversely, you can’t neglect the customers and prospects that you’ve gained on your social channels. You need a smarter, not harder, way to post and monitor your engagement.

For example, Sensai’s Schedule tool lets you post as many social messages you want throughout the day or week.

What’s more, you can track your engagement, likes, and growth and the best times to post, with our easy-to-understand Performance tab in the app. 

4. Spot Your Most Active Potential Customers

As you monitor your engagement on your social channels, you’ll begin to see some patterns emerge — specifically who your most active followers are.

This is your opportunity to connect with these leads that have shown interest in your products and frequently like and share your posts.

Reach out to potential recruits or customers by responding to the comments they’ve made on their posts, or the content they’ve shared. Then, once you’ve built up a report, contact them via direct messages to gauge their interest in the product or working for the company.

Do you need social media content ideas for August? Check out our list of content ideas for the month to keep your audience engaged.

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