August 3, 2018 · 1:39 pm

The Biggest Updates to Social Media Networks in July

Here's a quick breakdown of the latest features that you can find in Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

By Kelly Johnson

It’s been a busy month for the major social networks. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram have rolled out new features and updates — most focused on increasing transparency — that are designed to improve the user experience and better engage your audience. Here’s a list of the most important new features and updates you need to know about today.


Topic Channels Keeps Your Explore Feed Organized

Instagram gave the Explore tab a much-needed overhaul. In its past version, the Explore tab was a hodgepodge of photos and videos that were served based on your browsing habits. Now, when you go to Explore section, you’ll see Topic Channels at the top of the screen. The channels are organized into several categories that Instagram’s algorithm has determined are relevant to your interests.

What you need to do now: Keep an eye on the related hashtags at the top of each Topic Channel. You can use these in your posts to make them more discoverable in these channels.

Question Stickers Give Stories an Interactive Update

Stories just became even more interactive. Instagram rolled out the new Question Stickers for Stories feature that allow you to drive engagement with your audience in an entirely new way. Now, you can post questions in the form of stickers on your stories that prompt your audience to engage with your post.

Any answers to your questions will be shared with you privately. However, depending on the question — especially if you’re polling your audience— you can publish the best answers publicly.

What you need to do now: The new sticker feature can be a boon for small businesses and multi-level marketing organizations. Stickers can be used to prompt prospective customers to ask about your product and services — and you can easily follow up with your leads since messages are delivered right to your direct messages.


The Purge: Bots Blood Bath

Did you recently lose some followers quite suddenly?

Fake followers have plagued Twitter and its users for quite some time. Inflated follower counts made it hard to determine which Twitter accounts had a real audience.

The bots were especially problematic for companies who wanted to work with influencers who had a “robust” audience to help promote a product or service.

To resolve this problem, Twitter announced that it was going to purge bots from its platform. All users would see a drop in followers — creating more transparency and trust for the social microblogging network.

What you need to do now: Don’t be discouraged by the loss of followers — think of all the good the purge does. Losing the bots will give you insight into who your real community is and help you focus on driving engagement with your current followers.

Additionally, use the tried and true best practices for posting good, valuable content with relevant hashtags to increase your reach.


Following Through on Privacy Promises

In keeping with its promise to increase transparency in their platform and ad products, Facebook rolled out the Info & Ads feature.

Info & Ads lets users see the ads a brand or business is running on their page.

What you need to do now: Ensure that you’re following the GDPR-related guidelines and Facebook’s best practices for running ads on the network. You don’t want to get flagged by the network or fined for not following the new rules of engagement.

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