October 29, 2018 · 9:18 pm

Social Media Content Ideas for Every Day in November

Don't let scheduling good social media content fall off your plate this Thanksgiving

By Kelly Johnson

The holiday season is upon us and with everything you have on your plate, it will be easy to forget to schedule good social media content. Here are some ideas to help you stay ahead of the game.

November 1 Dia de Los Muertos

Many people incorrectly consider Dia de Los Muertos to be a Mexican Halloween, but it’s different. Halloween is typically celebrated as a night of mischief, but  Dia de Los Muertos honors deceased loved ones and marks love, life, and joy. Share facts about this holiday with your followers. National Geographic posted some helpful content about this holiday that can you can share with your followers.

November 2 Deviled Egg Day

Deviled eggs are a favorite recipe because anyone can add their personal touch to this appetizer. Post your version of this dish to your Instagram account and prompt your followers to do the same using a #DeviledEggDay.

November 3 Book Lovers Day

The best way to find a new book to read is by word of mouth. Ask your followers which book they’re reading and ask them to tag the title and author in the comments. You can also respond to your followers with your latest literary find, too.

November 4 Day Light Savings Ends

Everyone needs to remember to wind their clocks one hour backward on November 4. Do your followers a favor, and post reminders on your social channels. Post this GIF to help drive engagement.

November 5 Guy Fawkes Day

Write a few fun facts about Guy Fawkes Day and post them on Twitter. Ask your followers to take a quiz to see how much they know about this British holiday.

November 6 U.S. Election Day

Today is your day to get out and vote! Post a photo of your “I Voted” sticker on all of your social channels and ask your followers to respond with their photos. A great way to drive engagement is to hold a contest. Tell your followers that if they post a photo, they’ll be entered into a drawing and win a prize.

November 7 Diwali

Diwali is celebrated by Hindus worldwide. The holiday commemorates the victory good over evil and hopes to spread light around the world. There are several delicious treats —  such as Kesar Peda — that are shared on this day. Try a couple of recipes and share the results on your Instagram or YouTube channel.

November 8 Cook Something Bold Day

What is the most challenging recipe you’ve ever cooked? If you have a video of your attempt to make a challenging recipe, then post the outtakes on YouTube or IGTV. Your followers will appreciate the hard work (and trial and error) that it took to create the meal. Use a funny hashtag like #triedandfailed or #whoops to help with your discovery.

November 9 Anniversary of Rolling Stone Debut

In 1967, San Francisco-based Rolling Stone Magazine published its first issue. The bi-weekly, music-focused magazine launched the careers of several notable musicians as well as many journalists such as Cameron Crowe and Hunter S. Thompson. Post your favorite Rolling Stone magazine covers and tag the publication as well as the artist featured. You can also ask your followers to post their favorite cover.

November 10 Forget-Me-Not Day

On Forget-Me-Not Day, thank disabled former service members of our country by volunteering at a local Veteran’s hospital. This day is created to remember the sacrifices veterans have made. Ask your followers to post a story about a heroic Veteran that they know on their social profiles.

November 11 Veteran’s Day

Veteran’s Day honors our members of the military that have fought for our freedom. Thank friends and family members that served by tagging them in a Veteran’s Day post. Then, ask your followers to post photos of their loved ones that are Veterans, too.

November 12 Chicken Soup for the Soul Day

Do you remember these popular stories? Post a link to your favorite “Chicken Soup for the Soul” tale. Ask your followers to respond in the comments by naming their favorite stories and how those stories helped them through difficult times.

November 13 Caregiver Appreciation Day

Our caregivers need to be recognized for all of the hard work they do and care they provide to others. Do you have a caregiver in your life? If not, head down to a local hospital and give flowers to the nurses and other staff. Ask your followers how a caregiver has helped them or their families in times of need.

November 14 World Diabetes Day

Make a commitment to cut out sugar today and post a play-by-play of how your day went. You can also post facts and figures about this disease and how those who live with it are impacted on a daily basis.

November 15 America Recycles Day

Do you recycle? Today is your day to start. Show how you’re going to do your best to recycle consistently and post your progress. While you’re at it, let your followers know the rules of recycling in their states.

November 16 International Tolerance Day

The latest news is a stark reminder that we all need to be more tolerant of each other’s differences. Show how you practice tolerance and post inspirational quotes or photos of civil rights leaders that promoted tolerance and equality.

November 17 National Adoption Day

More than 100,000 foster kids need good homes in America. Post photos of famous former foster children — such as Simone Biles —  and share their stories to bring awareness to the need for good foster homes.

November 17 Take A Hike Day

Get out into the woods and get moving. Find a local, scenic hiking trail and shoot a video of your hike with your GoPro. The video will serve as excellent content on Instagram Stories, IGTV or YouTube.

November 18 Mickey Mouse’s Birthday

The world’s favorite Disney character, Mickey Mouse, turns 91 on November 18. You can post a little history about Mickey. Or, if you have them, post photos of you posing with Mickey at Disney Land.

November 19 Have a Bad Day Day

Every now and then it feels good to admit that you’re having a bad day. On this unofficial holiday, ask your followers if they’ve had a bad day, and how they turn it around. The advice from followers can help others that need a positive push.

November 20 Absurdity Day

Do something a bit absurd today. For example, you can play a silly prank on your significant other, talk in gibberish to your coworker, or record something that you think is weird. Post your antics on Instagram Stories with a Question sticker and ask your followers what’s the most absurd thing they have seen today.

November 21 National Tie One On Day

Despite what you may think, this day is not dedicated to drinking copious amounts of alcohol or neckties. Tie One On Day recognizes culinary gifts. Traditionally, you should wear your favorite apron and create that dish that you will give to someone less fortunate than yourself. Post the photo of your dish and the recipient on Instagram and ask your followers to do the same.

November 22 Thanksgiving

There are bound to be a few last-minute cooks out there that need to know how to cook a Turkey. Schedule a YouTube Premiere or Facebook Watch Party of you cooking and Turkey and ask your followers to follow along and ask questions. Post the full written recipe on your Facebook page or in the description of your YouTube Premiere for those who want to save the recipe for later.

November 23 Black Friday

Prepare yourself. Black Friday is coming. If you plan to brave the mob at your local mall, then post a video of your strategy for beating the crowd. Ask your followers to share their most horrible shopping experiences on this day, too.

November 24 Small Business Saturday

If you’re an entrepreneur or small business (SMB) owner, use this day to band together with other local SMBs to bring awareness to your neighborhood businesses on Small Business Saturday. Post helpful tips to get others involved in promoting the #ShopSmall movement.

November 25 National Parfait Day

Now that Thanksgiving is over, reset your system with a healthy treat. Every morning, post a different parfait recipe and ask followers to share their favorites on your social channels, too. You can try new recipes posted by your fans and post a photo of the best parfait.

November 26 Cyber Monday

For those folks that don’t like overcrowded shopping malls, Cyber Monday is the perfect day to knock out a lot of shopping from the comfort of your own home. If you know of a few good online deals, or if your business has sales that you want to promote, share them with followers and potential customers on your social channels.

November 27 National Electric Guitar Day

Celebrate National Electric Guitar Day by posting pictures of your favorite brand of electric guitar — like Gibson or Fender. Or you can share concert footage of your favorite famous musician — such as Eddie Van Halen — playing his iconic electric guitar on stage.

November 28 French Toast Day

You may still have a food coma from Thanksgiving, but consider coming out of it for French Toast Day. Tag a restaurant that serves the best or most unusual French Toast recipe or share this recipe from Bon Appetit.

November 29 Square Dance Day

If you love to Square Dance, then use this day to show off your moves to your followers. Post a video of you doing the Texas Two Step or a video of local Square Dance group cutting a rug. Be sure to tag the group in your post!

November 30 Computer Security Day

Observed annually since 1988, Computer Security Day serves as a reminder to check your privacy setting on your software and hardware to safeguard yourself from potential hackers. Share some helpful tips on how to protect your privacy both online and offline with your followers.