November 14, 2018 · 11:00 pm

No More Stressing Over Social Media — Sensai Can Help

Sensai is now available to the general public!

By Kelly Johnson

Sometimes it seems like social media is working against you. You know you need social media marketing to attract new followers, fans, and customers. But changing social media algorithms make it harder to know if your marketing strategy is truly effective or if you’re wasting your time and resources by posting to these channels.

But before you give up and hand off social media to your intern, you should be aware of two things: Your brand presence on social media is too important to make it someone’s side project. And, you have a powerful tool at your disposal to attract new followers and customers on social media — Sensai.

In fact, Sensai is proud to announce that our A.I.-powered solution is now available to the general public, and it doesn’t matter if you’re a small business, musician or artist, or a personal brand builder who needs help planning and posting to social media, Sensai has a solution for you.

Sensai is More than Charts and Tools

Sensai is unlike any other social media marketing platform on the market. Our solution — powered by artificial intelligence — gives people the insightful, data-driven advice they need to make better decisions about what to post on social media and when.

Sensai Professional-tier customers receive daily “Wisdom” that offers guidance on how to optimize posts to drive engagement, including the best time to post, hashtags, and more. And they can schedule their posts in advance to save time.

And, the results are clear: Sensai professional-tier customers who sign in to use the service daily, have grown their followers 198 percent faster than the customers who didn’t.

Sensai Levels the Social Media Playing Field

Sensai was founded by our CEO Angel Gambino — an entrepreneur and investor in the technology, real estate, and non-profit space. She identified how small businesses (SMBs) struggled to get the awareness they need to drive awareness, gain followers, and loyal customers.

“As [small businesses, nonprofits, and creators] competed for attention with major brands with big budgets, they realized social media was not the level playing field they expected. This was mainly because monetization across major platforms resulted in a debilitating decrease in organic growth and exposure,” said Gambino in her most recent post.

“This is precisely why I founded Sensai: To help resource-strapped people and organizations find their success on social media.”

In the year that Sensai has been in beta, thousands of customers have used the service to grow their followers, connect with new people, and exceed their social media marketing goals.

Sensai customer and world-renowned opera singer Brian Jagde echoed that sentiment and said, “Social media allows me to engage with my fans and promote upcoming performances. Sensai is the perfect tool to help me optimize my social presence by giving me valuable information, such as the best time to post, as well as which hashtags to use to extend my reach.”

Having the ability to navigate complex social media algorithms and updates, as well as connect with the desired audience at the right time, puts the power of social media back in the hands of small businesses and artists.

If you’re ready to let the world see you, download the app and get started!

Special bonus: You can get your first month of Professional service for FREE, a $99 value. Just sign up with coupon code THANKYOU18. Offer expires Dec 31, 2018.