November 8, 2018 · 10:05 pm

Major Social Media Updates in October that You Need to Know About

There's one controversial proposed update from Twitter on this list.

By Valentina Mezzasalma

Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter released new features and updates in October 2018 that can help people easily connect with each other as well as help businesses engage followers and find new customers.

Here’s a breakdown of what’s new.

Instagram Nametag: Now Super Simple to Find Accounts

Instagram recently unveiled a new Instagram Nametag feature that can help users and potential customers easily find you on the photo-sharing social network.

An Instagram Nametag is basically a QR code associated with a user profile that allows you to directly follow that person once you scan the code with your smartphone.

The update is a bit like the Snapchap feature, SnapCodes, that lets you unlock a host of features, such as using new lenses. However, Nametags is only for finding other Instagram profiles.

Here is an example of our Sensai’s Nametag.

You may think: “Why should I use the Nametag when I can simply tap the name of the user on my app?” Good question. Instagram Nametags can be useful — especially if you own a small business.

For example, you can create marketing materials featuring your Instagram Nametag to display at your storefront or conferences.  Also, if you’re planning a corporate event, create a sign featuring your Instagram Nametag that the attendees can scan and use to quickly follow you.

You can personalize your Nametag on Instagram with the business’ brand colors, or with emojis, photos, or stickers.

Twitter Doesn’t Like the Like Button Anymore

In a controversial move, Twitter announced that it’s considering removing the like button that was introduced in 2015.

According to Twitter, the reason for this move is to promote healthier and more engaging conversation. The update will also allow users to only ReTweet and comment on posts. Many Twitter users don’t seem to like this update too much.

Twitter assured people in a Tweet that “they are in the early stages of the work” and will not remove the button at the moment.

Facebook Gives the Messenger App Another Facelift

Facebook rolled out the new Messenger design that they announced in May during F8. The goal of the redesign is to simplify the app and reduce its tabs from nine to three.

Moving forward you’ll see the following tabs:

  1. “Chats” —  the first tab includes one-to-one and group conversations.
  2. “People” —  this tab allows you to find friends,  watch Stories and see active contacts.
  3. “Discover” —  the last tab includes games, news, and chats with businesses.

The reason for the update according to a statement from Messenger Vice President Stan Chudnovsky is to “put the focus back on messaging and connecting.”

Chudnovsky went on to cite that 71 percent of Facebook users surveyed said that simplicity is a top priority for them in a messaging app. Additionally, 62 percent of survey respondents want to use the messaging app to feel closer to their friends.

The Messenger update will also make it easy for customers to communicate with business to answer questions or address service issues.

We’ll have more updates for you next month. Stay Tuned!