June 29, 2018 · 4:40 pm

Featured Friday with Rafael Moreira: One of the World’s Greatest Guitarists

Learn how Raphael Moreira adeptly uses his social media presence to drive engagement with his fans.

By Kelly Johnson

This Featured Friday, the Sensai team is excited to profile our customer Rafael Moreira — a popular Brazilian-American guitarist, vocalist, songwriter, and producer.

Moreira began singing at the age of four and playing guitar at the age of six. His mother — a music teacher, singer and songwriter — was his teacher and helped him refine his technique.  

Since releasing his first album, Acid Guitar, in 2005 Moreira has gone on to perform as the lead guitarist for Grammy-winning artists such as Paul Stanley (Kiss), Pink, Christina Aguilera, Don Felder  (The Eagles) and many others. Moreira has also appeared on shows like American Idol and The Voice.

Today, Moreira is the vocalist and guitarist for Magnetico  — a creative and inspiring Los Angeles-based rock trio — known worldwide for its electrifying rock and roll sound.

Rafael is very active on social media. He likes to exhibit his talent and share behind the scenes videos of himself and his bandmates.

He takes advantage of Sensai’s suggestions and uses branded hashtags (such as #Magnetico and #RafaelMoreira), plus hashtags related to the content (like #guitarsolo) in his posts.

Moreira also tags other accounts and brands, such as Converse, to increase reach and engagement, like in this post that performed exceptionally well.

Here’s an Instagram video with Moreira performing a guitar solo as well as a Facebook Live interview. Enjoy and check out Rafael and Magnetico’s site to learn more about upcoming performances.

MRossi Rockshow 89 entrevista direto de LOS ANGELES: Conheça a incrível história de Rafael Moreira, guitarrista brasileiro que vive nos Estados Unidos e já tocou com Pink, Cristina Aguilera, American Idol, INXS e Paul Stanley entre tantos outros trabalhos incríveis! O guitar hero brasileiro de Cambará, no PR, agora esta prestes a lançar novo trabalho de sua banda "Magnetico". Ouça até o fim! Masi sobre ele aqui: http://www.rafaelmoreira.com/https://www.facebook.com/rafael.moreira.33449?fref=ts

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