November 1, 2018 · 9:53 pm

3 Reasons Your Business Should Schedule Social Posts

Schedule your posts so you can get back to what you do best -- running a business.

By Valentina Mezzasalma

For many small business owners, time is money. Any activity that could take time away from getting new customers and servicing existing clients can take a toll on revenue.

For that reason, slowing down to post multiple times on social media to promote your business, product or service can seem like a costly effort with little ROI.

However, you can’t afford to skip posting to your social channels on a regular basis. In today’s rapidly changing marketing landscape, where email marketing is becoming less effective, social media represents your best chance to further your business’ brand and attract new customers.

If you still need convincing, here are three reasons why scheduling social posts is essential to your business’ social media marketing efforts and growth strategy.

1. Build a Content Library and Plan Your Posts

When it comes to finding and sharing content you need to think more strategically about the timing of your posts. How can you transform a good shot or video captured in the moment into a great marketing message that drives results on Instagram?

You’ll also have days when you don’t have anything to share. Finding something to post the same day is not easy, and it’s not always productive. You can easily spend half of your day looking for ideal content to post, which can take you away from revenue-driving, customer-facing efforts.

That’s why you should build a content library in a scheduling tool and post at the best time. What’s more, scheduling your posts in advance helps you plan and organize your content for the week or month, so you can go back to doing what you do best — running your business.

Scheduling also helps you ensure your content is not repetitive and that you’re not missing any event — like holidays or dates of importance — that are relevant to your business.

In Sensai, you can track all your scheduled posts against your Moments, which are your important business milestones.

2. Reach Your Audience When They’re Most Active (and Test Posts)

There are times when your audience is most active on social media, and it may be when you’re not in the office or at your desk. For example, our data science team found that the best time to post on Instagram is 11:00 pm PT/2:00 am ET on Wednesdays. However, the best time is different for every account and audience.

Scheduling content gives you the flexibility to post content that will drive engagement with your audience when you’re not able to connect with them at that moment. You can also test different times to post that could potentially drive engagement or reach.

3. Keep Tabs on Brand Voice and Design Consistency

Posting one-off messages manually can lead to fractured branding and inconsistent tone of voice across your social channels. And, brand confusion can lead to lost followers or potential customers.

Use a scheduling tool to maintain an overall view of your scheduled posts, so you can ensure that your brand voice and aesthetic are consistent.

Sensai Can Help You Get Ahead of the Game

Senai has a Schedule feature that helps manage and post social content so you can get back to business.

Here’s how you use Schedule to post to social channels:

  1. Log into the Sensai Dashboard with your username and password.
  2. Choose “Create a post” or select one of the events that Sensai thinks are suitable for your business.
  3. Choose the platform where you want to post.
  4. Create your post based on your ideas or follow Sensai suggestions and recommended hashtags. If it’s associated with a campaign, be sure to tie it to a Moment.
  5. To schedule it for the future, select Custom Time to choose, or Sensai Time to see your optimal time to post for the day you choose.

One last thing: Instagram doesn’t let you post using third-party services. When it’s time to post, your Sensai app will send you a mobile notification. Just tap it, then choose to share the post to your Instagram Feed. The caption you input into Sensai will be saved to your mobile clipboard, so just select “Paste” to drop into the Instagram caption. Then you’re done!

Get ready to schedule your posts! For more information on how Sensai works, watch this video.