August 16, 2018 · 4:54 pm

5 Ways to Get Real Instagram Followers and Grow Your Audience The Right Way

Read these tactics to build a real, engaged audience

By Kelly Johnson

If you’ve ever searched online for tactics on “how to get more Instagram followers,” you may have noticed content that promises “can’t-fail” techniques to gain new followers.

Some influencers or other social media marketing companies will tell you that the fastest way to get more followers is to purchase bots. Don’t do that.

Instagram and other social networks have shed bots to increase transparency about their active users, as well as to reveal which influencers have a real, engaged audience.

Now, the onus falls on you to build a real audience by continuing to offer valuable content and engaging with your most loyal followers. But, getting real Instagram followers requires a bit more strategy and effort.

Here are five ways to grow your real Instagram followers to build your audience the right way.

1. Use Hashtags. They’re Still a Thing

There’s been some healthy debate about the usefulness and efficacy of hashtags. On one side of the argument, some influencers say that hashtags have little to no effect on gaining new followers. On the other, some see how useful they can be. Here’s the verdict: Hashtags work. They give your posts visibility and help you obtain more followers. Hashtags need to be relevant to your content and your audience. And, using just one hashtag can increase your post’s engagement by 12.6 percent, according to published reports.

2. Add to the Trending Conversation

Stay up-to-date on which hashtags are trending — especially if they’re relevant or important to your community. Those hashtags are usually tied to a topic that’s getting a lot of traction. So, use this as an opportunity to participate in the conversation using the relevant hashtag. You may see more people follow you as a result.

3. Step Up Your Profile’s Look

This may seem obvious, but it’s still important. Many influencers post individual photos to their profile and give little thought to how all of the photos fit into a holistic brand. Develop brand colors and brand attributes that will help you codify the look of your posts. The consistency will improve your profile and attract new followers.

4. Post When Your Audience and Potential New Followers are the Most Active

To find more potential new followers, you have to meet them where they are — this means posting when they are the most active on Instagram. Use a social media marketing tool, like Sensai, to help you determine your best time to post to drive engagement. Once you’ve found that time, schedule posts to go out to your audience with relevant hashtags and geotags. Your audience may engage with your posts, which could also catch the eye of potential new followers.

5. Post to IGTV  

Creating IGTV videos is a great way to engage your audience and hook new followers. This is an ideal channel to post long-form video content that’s educational, entertaining, evocative and share-worthy. Use clear and detailed descriptions for your videos so that they’re easily discoverable in search.

If you haven’t used IGTV yet, it’s time to start. Mobile video is predicted to account for 78 percent of mobile traffic by 2021 — especially for social networks. So, optimize your channel to attract users who want to consume video content.

Sensai’s A.I.-powered platform provides actionable intelligence on trending hashtags, the best time to post, and identifies your most engaged followers. To learn more about how you can use Sensai to achieve your social media marketing goals click on the “Sensai” below.

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