January 25, 2018 · 6:13 pm

5 Ways Musicians and Artists Build Real Twitter Followers

Here are five quick tips to help you grow your audience.

By Eric Meyerson

Twitter can be a surprisingly excellent medium for musicians and artists to promote their work. Twitter allows fans to keep fans updated on what’s happening with the band and engage with them in an informal setting. To help you build your following, check out the following five tips for the ways successful musicians build a large, active following on Twitter.

1. They find their current fans

Bands that have success on Twitter cultivate a following of fully engaged fans who can’t wait for their updates. The best way to find Twitter followers is to search for other artists similar to your band, radio stations that play your genre of music, and venues you’ve rocked, and then follow those users who follow them. You know they already have an interest in your music, based on who they are following, so it’s a good way to start to find your fans on Twitter.

2. They engage with fans

Twitter is meant for engagement not just one-way communication. R& B crooner John Legend and his wife Chrissy Teigen probably win the award for best fan engagement. They take fan engagement to a whole new level. For you to have the same success, copy some of the things they do such as respond to fans when they tweet you, host Twitter Q&A sessions, and create polls and quizzes for your followers. Also, use the social network as a way quickly respond to any questions, concerns or problems your fans may have.

3. They use hashtags

Using hashtags can help your fans find you and increase your Twitter followers. Research common hashtags similar musicians and artists use and add them to your posts. Also create a hashtag unique to your band, whether it is your band name or a common saying or slogan you use and then encourage your followers to use it when tweeting about the band. It’s a great way to brand yourself, and useful to deploy if you have an upcoming event or single release.

4. They retweet strategically

Unlike other platforms like Snapchat or Instagram, sharing the work of others is one of the great things about Twitter. If you know a venue you want to perform at or a promoter whom you’d like to notice you, retweeting is a great way to start that process. Getting popular Twitter users to promote you to their followers can open your band up to a whole new audience. Begin the process of connecting with that influencer through retweeting their work and using that as a way to start a conversation.

5. They create content their followers love

From behind the scenes video of your shows to content made exclusively for Twitter to contests and fan art, there are a number of ways to share your content that your fans will love. If you’re stuck on where to start, take a look at what Duran Duran is doing on Twitter. They solely promote their band through various content types that resonate with their fans. Once you experiment and discover what content your fans like the best, keep doing more of it and watch your follower count increase.

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