April 16, 2018 · 7:06 pm

3 Social Media Influencers Who are Killing It and What You Can Learn From Them

We highlight 3 well-known influencers who have a strong social media game.

By Kelly Johnson

Ann Kim of Andy Heart

Los Angeles-based fashion and lifestyle blogger, Ann Kim, leverages her success as an art director and content creator to create a visually stunning Instagram presence called Andy Heart.

She’s created a minimalist, classic brand that is consistent throughout her images and her ability to carefully curate content has garnered her 136,000 followers on Instagram. Kim is also considered a top influencer by Vogue, Elle and W magazines.

Take a look at a few of her Instagram posts:


A post shared by Ann Kim (@andyheart) on

What you can learn from her:

Kim has built a brand based on simplicity, accessibility and beautiful imagery. Creating and maintaining a consistent brand can help you establish a social presence that resonates with your desired audience.

Ask yourself what you want a first-time visitor to see on your profile, and maintain a grid of your last nine pictures that represent your brand.


Mitchell Moffit and Gregory Brown — the creators of AsapScience — launched the YouTube channel as a means to inspire others to learn about and love science.

The duo makes complex topics across a range of subjects accessible and fun, which has led to a YouTube following of more than 7 million subscribers.

Check out their video titled “Why Are You Anxious?”:

What you can learn from them:

Moffit and Brown use a combination of animations and live action to make a more interesting experience. If you’re planning to launch a YouTube presence, consider using a mix of different mediums — animations (using a tool like Pencil or Lightworks) or live action — to create a more engaging video.

Bunmi Laditan

Author and parenting blogger, Bunmi Laditan, takes a different approach to her Instagram account. In addition to posting the occasional picture, she posts sayings and words of affirmation.

She’s successfully built a following of more than 22,000 on Instagram and her wit and passion for chronicling her parenting experiences has led her to be named a Top Influencer by Forbes Magazine.

Here’s an example of one of her Instagram posts that features a positive, handwritten message:

What you can learn from her:

Many parenting bloggers post pictures but Laditan takes an alternative approach and includes sayings that connect with her audience, and prompts them to share on their networks. Look at what other influencers in your space are doing, learn from what they’re doing, and think of how to make yours a little bit better.

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